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ESD Media is a software development and marketing company, based in Miami, Florida. ESD Media manufactures and markets a unique software system called the SmarteCard™, a plastic card the size of a credit card. This patent pending card is the marriage of a 21st Century software delivery system with a 21st Century need for a hi-tech, low cost, give-away premium, which makes it easy for our customers to communicate directly with their audience through their Smartphones, Tablets, or computers, no matter the operating system used by the device, nor when they use it.


One of the great benefits of the SmarteCard™ for our customers is our patented streaming text technology, called an INFO-CAST.

Our patented INFO-CASTS are what make the SmarteCard™ so valuable as a marketing tool. When someone who gets the card “opens it up” on the device of his choice, that person is taken to a special web site that introduces the SmarteCard™ and the main sponsor. On the screen is a line of “blurbs” that “crawl” across the bottom of the screen. When the card owner touches one of the INFO-CASTS with a finger or a mouse, the INFO-CAST stops and several things can happen, depending on the desires of our customer: We can pop up a coupon, take the card owner to a specific URL site, or pop up a message of the customers’ choosing. We can work with your IT department to design the SmarteCard™ that will best fit your marketing needs.


Sports SmarteCard™
A minor league baseball team wanted to do a sponsor-paid giveaway to their fans. They had a great video of Will Ferrell pitching for them. We combined that video, along with wallpapers, statistics, and more pictures to give them a low cost package which allowed their sponsor to build a database for more marketing in the future.
Co-operate Business SmarteCard™
A company wanted something new and different to give out at the trade shows at which they exhibited, which included several international events. We were able to give them a whole new and exciting way to communicate with their prospects. Because of the incentives we built into the INFO-CASTS, they had 3 times the response than in the past, especially from international prospects because they could easily “open” the card on their Smartphones.
A Huge Potential SmarteCard™
A major consumer products company used the SmarteCard™ as an “on-pack” premium in order to market a new product. It included INFO-CASTS that had discount coupons, a sweepstakes, and other incentives to the recipients in order to build brand loyalty and build a comprehensive mail list/database to be used in future marketing efforts. The new product launch was very successful, and much of the credit was given to the SmarteCard™ software system.
Fund Raising SmartCard™
A University Marching Band needed to raise money for new uniforms. They got a sponsor to buy 10,000 SmarteCard™ cards with video and audio of band performances at important football games. We added more pictures, and the sponsor was able to build a mail list/database of the recipients of the card, along with sales incentives to boost sales. Since the cards cost the Band nothing, they sold the cards and raised more than $100,000.00 in a three month period.